Best Croatian fish specialties

Croatia is a Mediterranean country, so it does not surprise the abundance of fish delicacies. Croatia is also a Catholic country, and in the days of fasting before big Catholic holidays various fish specialties prevail on the family table. Some of them are certainly worth mentioning.

Gregada is one of the oldest and the simplest fish dishes. The most famous is the Hvar gregada. Chopped red onions and garlic are prepared on olive oil. White wine is added, and then a row of potatoes and a row of white fish are put together. Sometimes smaller fish were used, which could not be grilled.

Brudet, as well as the gregada, is a fish stew. However, brudet contains several types of fish, most commonly the conger, anglerfish and redfish, but also other seafood, such as squid, shrimp and cuttlefish. All of these ingredients are cooked in a tomato sauce and are mostly served with polenta, in some parts of Croatia called “žganci” or “pura”.

Fish stew (fiš paprikaš) is a Slavonian-Baranja specialty prepared from river fish. Most commonly they are carp, catfish and pike. Like sea fish varieties, fish stew is prepared in wine with the addition of tomato sauce. However its specialty is hot pepper. It is served with homemade wide noodles. 

Along with these fish recipes, there are still several sea delicacies preferred by tourists visiting the Adriatic. These are squid, cuttlefish, shrimp and shellfish. The squids are most popular cut into rings, fried and served with chips, but also grilled, which are excellent with homemade chard and potatoes. Cuttlefish is eaten mostly in black risotto, while shrimps and shellfish are mostly prepared in two varieties, grilled or in the soup; on the Adriatic more popularly called "na buzaru".

All these dishes are especially delicious if it is really a Croatian catch instead of imported products. An additional note of special features is the fact that it is about fresh, freshly caught foods.