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Founded way back in 1947 as a state-owned factory named Jugoton, Croatia Records turned 55 in 2002, and can look back on a half-century of being one of the prime movers and pioneers in the music industry. Today, Croatia Records is a private company owned by professionals from the music industry joined in the partnership company Autor d.o.o. (Author Ltd.). The new management team marked the beginning of new phase of the company with the cost reduction, but in the same time constantly re-investing and up-grading, both technically and with regard to organization, quality management and human resource development, with revised editions, compilations, new market strategy and new contracts with the biggest names in the Croatian music and entertainment industry. The best indicators of the Croatia Records' presence and remarkable achievement, are both, its editions that cover all segments of music - from classical, jazz, instrumental, pop-rock, to ethnic and folk, as well as its market share. With all the labels, with our own network of distribution which consists of eight stores and more than 30 franchising shops, and with the market share of the outstanding 70%, Croatia Records is the market leader in music industry, in Croatia.