WWW.HR - Terms of Use

Croatian Academic and Research Network - CARNET and the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing - Department of Telecommunications (Publishers) allow you to use the WWW.HR services and content that is governed by these terms of use.

By using all pages and services belonging to the domain WWW.HR, users are considered to be familiar with the terms of use at any time and to fully understand and accept them. No part of the WWW.HR portal may be used for illegal purposes or for self-promotion.

Publishers reserve the right to terminate and change the layout, content and terms of use of WWW.HR as well as all services and sub-pages that are part of the WWW.HR without prior notice. Publishers are not responsible for any damages caused by these changes.



WWW.HR places copyright on all its own content (textual, graphic, database and program code). Unauthorized use of any part of the portal is considered to be a violation of the WWW.HR copyright and is subject to a lawsuit. If you believe that any of the pages available through the WWW.HR catalog infringed your copyright, the case will be immediately considered and the disputed content will be removed immediately.


WWW.HR analyses the information provided by the users during the use of the portal in good faith and assures that no data will be distributed or sold to the third parties.

WWW.HR does not collect private customer information when registering new web sites (we only write an IP address that does not identify you personally), and we only store the information related to the website you are registering. While using the catalog, we write down the IP addresses and keywords used in the searches in order to analyze visitor behavior and system performance to further enhance the portal and its content and customize it to the audience that visits it. All information is anonymous and WWW.HR does not have your name, surname, email address or anything that could personally identify you.

For more information, please refer to our Privacy Statement.