WWW.HR - Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

WWW.HR will use the information received from the users while browsing WWW.HR in good faith and no data type will be distributed or sold to the third parties.

Considering the new terms and guidelines for personal data protection of May 25, 2018, WWW.HR no longer collects the name and email address of the user who registers the web site. Existing user records from our database and logs have been completely deleted. The mentioned name and email address were previously used to contact the owners of the websites in the event of a problem. Since we do not have this option any more, we will contact you in the event of a problem by the information available on the web site you registered.

The only thing WWW.HR uses in the context of the new regulation is Google Analytics for visit analysis. This data is used to estimate what visitors are most interested in, and how much time they spend on WWW.HR in order to improve WWW.HR services for all users. WWW.HR does not know who is accessing it because the data is completely anonymous - your name, surname or anything else that could personally identify you is unknown.

WWW.HR stores only the data related to the web site you are registering. During the use of the catalogue, IP addresses and keywords from searches are used to analyse behaviour of users and improve the website for all users. All of this information is anonymous and WWW.HR is not able to identify you personally.

In case of questions please contact us at marin.vukovic@fer.hr.