WWW.HR - Site Description

Croatian Homepage - WWW.HR was started in 1994. The primary purpose of the site, from the beginnings to the present day, was to provide basic information about Croatia. Over time, new functionalities have been added, specifically a catalogue of Croatian web servers. The purpose of the catalogue is to gather all Croatian web servers and web servers related to Croatia in one place. Initially, there was a small number of websites in the catalogue, but it grew over time and the WWW.HR catalogue today counts more than 25,000 web sites classified in more than 700 categories. With the availability of webcams, a new segment Croatia Live is also open, where visitors can view live footage from available cameras in Croatian cities.

According to the above, WWW.HR combines three segments:

  • Croatia in short
  • Catalogue of websites
  • Croatia live

“Croatia in short”covers 11 thematic groups of content aimed at bringing visitors closer to the specifics of Croatia. The idea when ​​selecting and creating new content was to collect short and interesting sketches about Croatia, customs, sports, history and other topics and make WWW.HR a relevant, up-to-date and interesting place that offers its visitors information on a multitude of topics related to Croatia. The segment will systematically expand into new thematic groups and more specific topics.

The website catalogue represents a unique place where visitors can view web sites from Croatia. Web sites are ranked by popularity according to the number of visits in the WWW.HR catalogue. Interestingly, some sites in the catalogue were registered more than 20 years ago. Along with the presentation component, the catalogue also has a significant research potential as it contains data from the very beginning of the Croatian web; user searches and interests, trends in creating and website topics, and similar interesting information.

The Croatia Live segment is designed to allow visitors to watch Croatian cities live. Currently, several cameras are available from 9 cities in Croatia. In addition to the cities, the Croatian Autoclub cameras will be available to visitors in the coming period. The number of cameras will increase and we will try to ensure their greater availability.