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Vladimir Nazor Primary School is located in the town of Daruvar, in Central Croatia, in Bjelovarsko-Bilogorska County. We are continuing the tradition of primary education that began in our town in 1878. Nowadays, there are three primary schools in Daruvar: ours, Czech Primary School Jan Amos Komensky, mostly attended by young members of the numerous Czech minority, and Rudolf Steiner, a primary school for pupils with special needs. Vladimir Nazor Primary School Daruvar operates in two school buildings (Gajeva and Frankopanska Street) in the town, each with its kitchen and gym, and five village schools (Batinjani, Doljani, Ivanovo Polje, Gornji Daruvar and Gornji Sredjani). Upon completing lower primary schools (classes 1 to 4) in their villages all pupils are bussed to the Gajeva town school building for their upper primary education (classes 5 to 8). The overall number of pupils is about 920, aged 6 to 14 and there are 75 teachers and 30 members of technical staff. The number of pupils has been slightly decreasing in the last five years. All village schools work in one shift only as well as upper classes in the town buildings. Only the lower classes (1 – 4) in the town school buildings attend lessons in two shifts.