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CroMSIC – Croatian Medical Students’ International Committee is a non-governmental and non-profitable association of medical students in the Republic of Croatia. Since 1992 it is a member of IFMSA – International Federation of Medical Students’ Association, which counts more than a million members worldwide. Since its inception CroMSIC draws attention of medicine students and broader public with its projects not only for international student exchanges but also for increasing citizens’ awareness about prevention and treatment for some of the most common diseases in todays world. With the support of volunteers and enthusiasts, the association invests efforts in advancing our student and broader community. By involving themselves in these projects students become part of a community that gathers students’ of medicine all around the world and they gain the opportunity to go on international exchanges, which helps them gain experience for their future professional careers. Projects for the broader public are meant to inform them about the importance of prevention and timely treatment. In all these projects we are very successful and our work has been acknowledged all over the world.