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The Institute for Medical Research and Occupational Health (IMROH) was established under the name Institute for Industrial Hygiene by the former Yugoslav Academy of Sciences and Arts (now Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts) on 27 December 1947 at the initiative of Academy's president Dr Andrija Štampar. Research started in 1949 and involved studying physical and chemical conditions at work and their health effects. From 1953, the Institute expanded to include departments of oncology, immunochemistry, chemotherapy, balneology, climatology, and the history of medicine. This is when it changed name to the Institute for Medical Research. In 1958, the Institute became independent of the Academy and returned to its roots, that is, to medical research and occupational health, changing its name again to current. Today, IMROH is an independent public institution with thirty years of research in environmental and occupational health. This includes assessment of environmental load with radionuclides, toxic metals, pesticides and other organic pollutants and their effects on health, then air quality measurement and assessment, assessment of allergic, toxic, and psychological effects of a variety of environmental parameters, their effects on genome stability, and sleep disorders.