Cities and Counties

in the territorial and political sense of the building of the Croatian state in the developed stage was first found in the 10th century, thus doing away with parishes, the lowest types of people joining forces based on blood relations. Since then, counties have become the common way of Croat's setting up their state, the only variable element being the number of counties, their size and rights and obligations.

A total of 555 units of local self-government were established in Croatia, namely 428 municipalities, 127 cities and 20 regional self-governments or counties. The City of Zagreb, as the capital of the Republic of Croatia, has a special status of city and county, so there are 576 units of local and regional self-government in the Republic of Croatia

The City of Zagreb is separated from the "Zagreb Ring", which became a separate county of Zagreb and its structure is regulated by the Law on the City of Zagreb.

According to the 2011 census, there are 790,017 inhabitants living in Zagreb.

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