People and Society

Around 4 million Croats live in Croatia and another 600.000 live in Bosnia and Herzegovina, around 100-200 thousand Croats live in other former Yugoslav Republics, and in Gradišće (Burgenland) in Austria. The number of Croats living abroad is estimated to be around the same number as in the homeland. This number is dependant on the criteria by which someone can be regarded as a Croat, because mostly the decendants of Croats don't speak Croatian language.

The biggest emigration groups live in Western Europe, mostly Germany, then Italy, Sweden, France, Great Britain, etc... On other continents, the biggest Croatian community lives in the United States of America (Ohio, California, Pittsburgh was the second largest city in the world inhabited by Croatians) and in Canada (Mississauga), as well as in Argentina, Chile (on the north, around Santiago and on the south), Peru, Brasil and Bolivia. There are important Croatian communities in Australia (Perth, Sydney), New Zealand and in South Africa.