First hydroelectric power plant in Europe - Vjekoslav Meichsner

Tesla's discovery of the rotating magnetic field and the alternating multi-phase system among the first in the world has been applied by Vjekoslav Meichsner - city engineer in Šibenik, with the support of Šibenik Mayor Ante Šupuka and his son Marko. He gave an idea to build a hydroelectric power plant on the Krka River and to conduct through the 11 km long line the electricity through Šibenik. The power plant was designed, financed and built in several years, and the main aggregates and machines were from Austria and from the Hungarian company "Ganz".

Šibenik was one of the first in the world to receive public city lighting on alternating current, only later the AC was applied in large European cities and other places. The Krka hydroelectric power plant was opened and started to work after the construction of the transmission line to Šibenik on August 28, 1895, just two days after the first hydropower plant in the world on the Niagara River. Nevertheless, the Niagara hydroelectric power plant was able to bring power up to 35 kilometres away Buffalo City in the next year, and then there was already light Šibenik. The city was illuminated by public lighting, stylized balloons with dew-shaped net, one of which still lights in the city today. 

In memory of August 28, 1895, when the hydro power plant was commissioned since 1995, this day is marked since 1995 as the Day of the Croatian Electric Power Company (HEP).  The hydroelectric power station Krka (later called Jaruga I) on the Krka River waterfalls is one of the most important engineering breakthroughs in the world. It is also the oldest alternating hydroelectric power plant in our area and as part of one of the first complete power systems in the world.