Samobor Kremšnita
Samobor's kremšnita (from cremmeschnitte) is certainly one of the most recognizable symbols of Samobor, and a visit to Samobor inevitably includes tasting this delicacy.

A creamy dessert consisting of a yellowish cream of beaten eggs and puff pastry. There are several types of „kremšnita“ in various regions, so there are, for example, Zagreb and Bled „kremšnita“ that differ from Samobor in composition and appearance.

The creator of the Samobor „kremšnita“ is Đuro Lukačić, who studied the craft in Zagreb during the 1920s, encountering various recipes. Upon his return to Samobor, he came up with a new recipe and so the famous Samobor „kremšnita“ was created. The first confectionery where you could taste cream puffs was, of course, in Samobor, owned by Đuro's brother Marko Lukačić.

The original Lukačić's recipe was transferred by Višnja Vukmanović and Branka Žganjer to the confectionery "U prolazu" and "Kavana Livadić", where you can still taste the original Samobor delicacy. Due to the importance and transmission of the tradition of this dessert, Samobor „kremšnita“ was given the status of an intangible cultural asset at the beginning of 2021.

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