Plešivica stretches on the southwestern edge of the Samobor hills, on whose rocky ridge Okić is located. Okić is a steep conical cliff 499 m above sea level with a beautiful view of Zagreb, Posavina, Medvednica, Plešivica and Pokuplje. At the top of the ridge are the remains of Okić town. The old town of Okić is mentioned in the 12th century, but it is believed that the fortress existed even earlier, during the time of the Croatian national rulers.

Fleeing from the Mongols, King Bela IV sought protection in Okić town, whose population defended the city, not only from the Mongols, but also from the Ottomans, who besieged it three times.

Okić town is considered one of our oldest fortified towns of Romanesque architecture, and unfortunately it has been forgotten and abandoned since the 17th century. In 1970, Okić town and its surroundings were declared a protected landscape.

Nowadays, Okić town is a favorite destination of hikers and mountaineers not only because of its interesting history but also because of the proximity of Samobor, Jastrebarsko and Zagreb.

More experienced mountaineers are especially attracted by the harder, southern ascent to the Okić ridge. In 1843, the Karlovac writer Dragojla Jarnević, who we consider the founder of Croatian mountaineering and alpinism, passed barefoot. The path of her ascent is called Dragojla's path. It is these rocks that are an important alpine training ground. Under Okić there is also a mountain lodge Dr. Maks Plotnik (altitude 411 m) from which a simple, easier hiking trail after 10 minutes leads to the remains of the Old Town of Okić.

How to get to Okić?

  • Klake – pl. dom pod Okićem – Okić-grad 40'
  • Rude – Manja Vas – Kotari – mountain lodge under Okić – Okić-grad 1.40 h
  • Samobor – Anindol – Cerje – D. Terihaji – mountain lodge under Okić – Okić-grad 2.30 h
  • (Galgovo –) Sveti Martin – Klake – mountain lodge under Okić – Okić-grad 1.40 h
  • (Sveti Martin –) Podgrađe – Domovići – mountain lodge under Okić – Okić-grad 1.10 h
  • Novo Selo Okićko – Okić-grad 45'
  • To the mountain lodge Dr. Maks Plotnikov under Okić is the shortest pedestrian access from Klake, and the most picturesque are the approaches from Rude, Sveti Martin pod Okićem and Podgrađe.
  • There is also an asphalt road to the lodge (access from Samobor via Konščica and Klake).

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