Kam-bell - tehnička zaštitaKam-bell - Tehnical Security

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-Google Translate Translation- The company was founded in 1992. as installations company to install small and large technical protection systems as well as systems of applied electronics in buildings (intercoms and fire safety). Following the new technology the company is licensed in the meantime in conducting technical security and perfected in the video, intrusion and access control and as of 28.12.1995 we'v from companies in the craft of technical protection. Given the experience in technical protection important institutions are able to charge for Dalmatia provide quality installation and maintenance of security systems. We are also involved in many projects to help designers in the choice of equipment when designing systems. For all who seek a better quality of life insurance and security to preserve the value of assets they own, the workers' Kam-bell "-and have ready solutions, tested and proven many times in practice.