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Colonia Martia Iulia Salona, was the title of the ancient Roman capital of the province of Dalmatia. It was established in a sheltered bay, at the mouth of the river Jadro under the monutain of Kozjak. The place was populated by the native tribe of Delmati and by Greek merchantes who settled there before the arivall of the Italics and Romans.The great size, the prosperity and opulence of the ancient city is attested by monumental ramparts with towers and gates, a forum with the temples, a theatre, an amphitheatre, as well as the unique structures of episcopal complex and of early Christian churches erected at the cementerys where Salonitan martyrs were buried (Manastirine, Kaplju─Ź, Marusinac).After the barbarian invasions, Croats settled in part of the ruined and abandoned Salona. Croatian rulers built new churches on Our Lady's island and along the river Jadro, where the centre of the Croatian Solin was established.