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Matulji is an idyllic place located right at the point where Kvarner Bay meets its mountainous hinterland. This peaceful corner of Croatia offers good opportunities for mountain-biking, or for competing in some of our more challenging bike races, hiking over the slopes of Mount Učka and Lisina’s protected landscape, or taking walking tours to explore the wider area. The medieval towns of Kastav, Mošćenice and Veprinac will enchant you with their timeless beauty. The bay of Preluk offers ideal conditions for a variety of water sports, particularly windsurfing early in the morning when the tramontana wind blows out from the mainland. Your friendly hosts will offer you accommodation in private rooms and apartments of various categories, and invite you to enjoy the specialities of the region in the pleasant ambience of the area’s many restaurants and taverns. Thanks to its location only 2 km from the renowned holiday resort of Opatija, Matulji is the ideal place for enjoying the sea and the sun in the summer months, for fresh air and a good night’s sleep. The Matulji Summer Festival includes musical concerts, theatrical productions, and various other events. If you would like to learn how to do the traditional potresujka polka-dance, we invite you to take part in the dance lessons being held on the last three Saturdays in November and on the first three Saturdays in December, a great way to prepare for the forthcoming carnival season. A special attraction of this region is the carnival that takes place in January and February, with the central event being the Zvončari Festival in Matulji. Zvončari, the bell-ringers, are traditional carnival figures whose origins date back more than 500 years. With their unique masks, movements and ringing of bells, they announce the arrival of spring and fertility.