Metalgraf - Metalgrafički obrt Garešnica

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Metalgrafički Crafts "Metalgraf" was founded in 1989. as a craft for making coiled packaging. Persistent improvement and implementation of new technology we have come to terms that we can produce almost every type and size of the bag. The bags can be made of different materials such as polypropylene [PP], polyethylene [PE], duplex, triplex, or something else entirely. So we produce or provide the service finishing sack or without printing. The bags may be lying, standing, with marginal or secondary seal and installing the aroma valve. Produce folded bag (vacuum) with the three-sided seal for vacuum. Evacuated can be meat, fish, sauerkraut, meat products, etc. We also do bags with 4 cheats, it puts them in a number of smaller products. There are also free-standing bags [stand up] with reinforced seal and groove and the possibility of installing zipper [Patent] shutter.