Hrvatsko Zagorje Museums

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The Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje are one of the largest museum institutions in Croatia, consisting of five specialised museums situated in places of the Krapina-Zagorje County. Although their collections cover different professional fields they share the commitment to work for the benefit of their local community by following the best practices in their every day museum work. The Museums of Hrvatsko Zagorje are engaged in different projects on national and international level. Professional museum staff puts a lot of energy and time in interactive museum programmes that are based on history and heritage of the region and are quite appealing for visitors and users. The success of our programmes The Middle Ages in Hrvatsko Zagorje, The Summer School of Geology, CRAFTATTRACT, Zagorje Wedding and others is widely recognised, New programmes and educational workshops are being introduced (Legends and Stories from the Castles, Prehistoric Interactive Games, Teaching in the 19thC School, etc.) By creating greater visibility of our museums through good contacts with public and media we have significantly increased the number of visitors and people who are eager to participate in our workshops and interactive projects. Each of our museums is a little jewel, proving that hard work and implementation of professional standards must create good results.