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Melius promet d.o.o. can offer You high quality service in road cargo transportation in markets of Republic of Croatia, European union and more. We can offer service of cargo transportation any kind, at very good price, safe and quick, without any other costs and time loss. We take our business vary serious and we are ready to face any risk in modern transportation and supply chain for our customers. Educated team, strong will and high level of responsibility makes us different. Your cargo we transport in every international regulation and we are holders of every needed license and permits, EU licensce and CEMT permits. Among all we can assure policy off cargo insurence value up to 100.000,00 Eur.We posses modern, ECO - friendly vehicle park as well as GPS tracking devices, so You can find out Your cargo location in every moment. We can organize FTL – full truck loads and PTL – part truck loads as well. In our vehicle park we can offer 13, 60 semi trailer with courtian siders and frigo, smaller deliviry trucks up to 3,5 tons and express vans up to 1,5 tons.