Burtiz - lateen sail

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"Burtiz" is a Dalmatian term for tacking into the wind on a ship with a lateen sail. It's been adopted as the official name for Sepurina's lateen sail regatta. The whole idea of reviving the old art of gajeta sailing came from Murter, where a small sail race, held there annually on St Mihovil's Day, grew and spread into a whole slew of local regatta throughout the Northern Adriatic (among which the Burtiz), and a week-long annual event - the Lateen Sail Week - in Murter itself. From Pasman and Vrgada to Murter, Sepurine and Zlarin people are re-learning the art of sailing traditional boats and ships. Similar movements have sprouted in other parts too, from Istria in the North to the islands of Hvar, Vis and Komiza in the South, there's a revival of traditions and traditional boats (batana, leut, gajeta, falkusa, guc) are making a comeback. This page features reports and galleries from several latin sail regatta and related events.