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Real estate agency KARLOVIC – Makarska is a real estate company for region Makarska Rivijera, Middle and South Dalmatia. KARLOVIC.HR specializes in international mediation in the sale and purchase of real estate and primarily the authentic dalmatian stone houses, villa / house by the sea, and apartments / flats at top locations. KARLOVIC.HR successfully mediate with land sales, primarily of building land with development potential, we also organize and manage complex construction projects. Over the last 10 years KARLOVIC.HR have successfully handled many hundreds of purchases of Croatian real estate, properties in Region Makarska Rivijera, building and renovation projects for overseas clients. In short, KARLOVIC.HR is licensed agency specializing in real estate for coastal properties with the elements and features a high level of real estate sales success. KARLOVIC.HR provides a wide range of services from finding a suitable property to the given conditions, maintaining and closing the sale. KARLOVIC.HR offers to its customers / investors additional services after the sale, in terms of technical support or full management of complex process of development, construction, renovation for all types of real estate. We also offer our customers a service when it comes to supervision of construction, renovation and restoration. Many years of experience in our country have given us an unsurpassed network of contacts. KARLOVIC.HR successfully conducted and concluded a large number of buying and selling and as such in the field of real estate is well valued and respected, both by clients and by local government agencies and professionals working in the area of Dalmatia. We work with architectural, land surveying, construction experts and law firms. We produce quality, accurate and professional assessment of all types of properties for all natural and legal persons. Based on the methodology that continuously improve and align with market trends and analysis of price movements, we make estimates in th