SN Holding d.d.

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SN Holding is a joint stock company that has been present on the Croatian market since 1999. Currently, it has over 5,000 stockholders and its market capitalization amounts to HRK 420 million. For a number of years SN Holding was at the head of a group of companies that was managing more than 10% of the categorized Croatian tourist capacities. The division of the group in 2005, accumulated experience in the field of real estate activities and the changed market environment, were crucial for making a strategic decision on repositioning and focusing solely on our real estate operations. We concentrated on the development of properties in Croatia, in particular on those constructed on exceptional locations and unique in terms of quality, functionality, comfort and the pleasure they provide. By the end of 2006, the construction of our prestigious commercial building was finalised with 13,000 m² of elite office space, including a garage with 447 parking spaces, located in the heart of the business area of the city of Zagreb. The building was entirely commercialised soon after its completion. Presently, we have at our disposal more than 800,000 m² of land, out of which 230,000 m² is exclusive construction land along the Adriatic coast (Hvar, Rovinj, Istria), where we plan on building unique residential estates that will give credence to our excellence, in line with our mission and our business strategy.