Collegium Nobilium Croaticum

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Croatian Nobility Association (HPZ) in November 1995 by a group of descendants of the noble families from southern (Dubrovnik, Split) and the northern Croatian (Lika, Zagreb County) and other historic Croatian lands. The college was founded as a national association of Croatian nobility. The aim of the association is to bring together all of the Croatian nobility, having respect for tradition and love their country. College does not aim for privileges, because it considers them to be incompatible with a democratic society. It is necessary, therefore, objectives and lines of action of the Congregation clearly and firmly determined to leave out any vanity - and remains the desire to serve his country, as in times of danger as our ancestors, from Krbavskog fields to Klis, from Sisak to Lepanto and Sige, and in the wake of cultural and ethical heritage that we encounter in Dubrovnik aristocrats.