Apartmants Punat Sindicic

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This is the island for you.So close,so accessible,what is connected with Krk bridge,so miraculous and mysterious,This is a small seventh continent for yoy,choc-a-bloc with lovely historical tales,marvellous landscape and beautiful beaches,likebel and natural people.Our island was long ago christened the golden,because of the golden nature andthe sunsets,the sunny sands,the thick forrests,the stone screes and the karst scenery,the olive oil,wine and honey.Discover the island of ours.Get ot know its charms and riches at every timeof year which records the year of fascinating 2500 hours of sunshine.In this golden oasis found their place charming village Punat.Punat is located on the east coast of Puntarse Drage (Cove ),on the south side of the island Krk just 8 km from the town of Krk and 30 km from the bridge.In front of the village Punat,in the central part of shallow Punatrska Dragais a forested island KoĊĦljun with its historical and cultural monuments-museums,which duringthe year visit hunderedthousand visitors and more. The place has more hotels,camp,accomodation,bank,post office,several shop,a market,fisch market,torist information offices,harbor master's office,and marina to which is Punat know for a yacht.