Association Žene kosovske doline

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Association "Women of Kosovo's valley" - was founded in 22.03.2013. The association is a non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental organization on the principles of tolerance, equality and cooperation through strategic areas of human rights protection for the sake of the development of the community, taking care of the young, elderly, encourages and supports the active participation of citizens / which, local civic initiatives and local government building democracy and the rule of law, active in the field of alternative non-institutional care of elderly and infirm, and takes care of the protection, preservation and development of economic, environmental, humanitarian, social, health, cultural, sports, recreational, and other information of interest of the village Municipality diocese (Orlic,Biskupija,Vrbnik, Uzdolje, Zvjerinac, Markovac, Riđane, Ramljane) and affects the decision-making for achieving the same.