Pizzeria Mirakul Dubrovnik

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Pizzeria Mirakul, located near Dubrovnik’s main street, has been cultivating the tradition of making crispy and thin pizza dough for decades, and counting. Mirakul’s pizza was originally brought from the Italian city of Naples by the hands of the grandfather of the current owner. Mirakul offers 25 different magical pizzas, ten kinds of lasagne and five types of salads. The quality food in this Pizzeria has earned recommendations on TripAdvisor, and it gained many compliments from their guests. The freshly made pizza dough, which has been made by hand just before baking and serving, is being served with local beer or wine, which fits perfectly with pizza with truffles, salmon or Mare Mare (pizza with tomato sauce, salmon, shrimps, and caviar). Whichever you choose, you will not go wrong because every pizza in Mirakul is freshly made with top quality ingredients.