Vita projekt Ltd. Environmental Engineering and Consulting

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VITA PROJEKT Ltd. is a company licensed for EIA, SEA and Natura2000 consulting services and landscape architecture design. Our employees are experts with more than ten years of experience in environment and landscape projects which include: - Development of Environmental impact assessment (EIA), Strategic environmental impact assessment (SEA), and Natura2000 studies and plans for more than 50 projects including airports, sea ports, gas pipelines, thermal power plants, windfarms, hydroelectric power plants, irrigation and drainage systems, water regulation and protection structures, animal farms, golf courses... - Development of more than 50 conceptual, main and implementation landscape designs of various complexity which include highways, waste management centers, flooded areas, rain gardens, camps, educational trails, sacral objects, urban parks, shopping malls... - Development of more than 30 waste management plans and studies, development plans, air protection action plans... The service we provide is ensuring sustainability. We offer superior EIA, SEA, Natura2000 and Waste management consulting services and advanced Landcape designs. We also offer smart engineering solutions to optimize all types of projects and consequently increase their efficiency, reduce costs, mitigate environmental impacts and save your valuable time.