Sedlić Group

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Sedlić Group is the farming group in the Bjelovar region. It comprises four member groups: Invest Sedlić Ltd. Trading, purchase of cereals and oleaginous plants, sale of cereals, oleaginous plants and their seeds on Croatian and foreign markets Sedlić Ltd. Purchase of cereals and oleaginous plant seeds, sale of soy seeds, production of fodder, whole and retail sale of fodder, production of agricultural products, services of drying and storage, organization of agricultural production Domagoj Ltd. Transportation services in Croatia and in the region. Our own vehicles enable transportation of merchandise on pallets and in bulk respecting delivery deadline. Veterinarian ambulance Sedlić Ltd. Treatment of domestic animals and pets, preventive and diagnostic treatment for domestic animals' health protection, artificial breeding of domestic animals, labeling and registration of animals, free of charge consulting, supply of vet and medical products for hygiene and care in milking process.