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The Institute for World Problems for Europe is a form of dissemination of prior knowledge of a different understanding of the philosophy of development and civilization and of a horizontal organization of Europe and of the world based on education because education is not enough. Ph.D. Slavko Kulic, through his public activities, inspires people towards the globalization of humanism versus the globalization of violence. The emphasis of his public action is on dematerializing civilization against the philosophy of materialism, reducing conflicts with nature and life. It supports life on Earth as a whole because life is the most valuable thing on earth. Advocates for the preservation of life on Earth. This is what makes the stronghold and power of human endeavor Slavko Kulic with the aim of preserving life on Earth in terms of seeking a new model of thinking about the concept of freedom and independence. Contrary to the teaching of right and left doctrines within the geobiosocial kind of survival of life, against the source of limited consciousness, conflict as a fundamental principle of evolution; collaboration - constructive versus destructive anthropology; for a cultural meme versus a profit. Culture is the key to survival and development of life on Earth. The emergence of world opinion lies in unexplored knowledge, a new model of thought and the notion of freedom against modern slavery.