Center for Local Initiative and Entrepreneurship Našice

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CLIP Našice was founded in 2012 by 6 highly educated persons trained in the design, application and implementation of EU projects and by the City of Našice. CLIP Našice writes and implements EU projects, advises potential entrepreneurs of starting their own business and obtaining state incentives for self-employment, entrepreneurs and craftsmen on exercising the right to employment incentives for new workers from the group with unfavorable conditions on the labor market, and farmers of starting and running a farm. One of the main activities is to support the work of CSOs and volunteer management. CLIP Našice is the organizer of numerous educational and informative contents in the form of round tables, seminars and workshops, and the author of brochures on Project Cycle Management, Volunteer Guide and the Strategy for the Development of Volunteering in Našice (2017 - 2025).