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Our team deals with consulting within the process of energy and seismic renovation of the housing stock in the Republic of Croatia. We offer complete solutions and guide you through the process of energy and seismic renovation through the services of registration for the Public Call for Renovation and the preparation of all documentation as well as the engagement of all renovation participants. In order to provide you with a complete solution, we provide the following services: preparation of the energy certificate and report on the performed energy audit, engagement of authorized designers and preparation of the main energy renovation project, application to the Public call for co-financing with grants with the preparation of all documentation, engagement of contractors, engagement of expert supervision and occupational safety coordinator, upon completion of the works, submission of an application for the payment of grants. With us, you are guided through all the steps of obtaining grants for energy renovation, and your chances of passing the Public Invitation are greatly increased! We are business partners with renowned offices for design, execution of construction works and professional supervision of construction in the field of construction, architecture, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. We guide our clients through the entire renovation project in order to provide them with the most affordable and high-quality solutions. Our team is dedicated to realizing your expectations.