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The Varazdin county is a relatively densely populated Croatian region. It stretches from Gornje zagorje between mount Ivancica and the Drava river, the border with Slovenia. The county system has a 9-century tradition in the region, the claim supported by the Bela III Croat-Hungarian king's charter dating from 1811. The first prefects were Mutimir, Krasan and Zaharije, while since 1607 until 1861 all the prefects came from the counts' Erdoedy family. The centre of Varazdin, the very centre of the county used to be one of the most important towns in north Croatia in the 19th century and during the period between 1756 and 1776 took up the role of the capital.

The royal council held its sessions in Varazdin, but that great period was gutted by the great fire. In the 18th century Varazdin resembles a baroque city, while the work of the Catholic church has a great influence on the development of its culture and art. The Jesuits had founded the first Jesuit secondary school there in 1636. Varazdin is the best-preserved baroque towns in Croatia with lots of parks and green areas. It particularly nurtures musical heritage (Varazdinske barokne veceri) and because of all these things is often referred to as the Croatian "little Vienna".

The traffic system of the Varazdin county enables the fastest connection between the central Danube region and northern Adriatic, while this is to be further expanded with the building of the Letenje-Varazdin-Novi Marof-Zagreb road.

West of Varazdin stands the well-known Trakoscan castle. Situated on a hill next to a lake, it changed owners and was owned by the count Draskovic family since 1568. It was refurbished and from a medieval fort to a pseudo-gothic castle and is today a museum with a large collection of furniture, arms and portraits.

The Varazdinske toplice spa is well known for its therapeutic qualities. The geothermal waters have been discovered near Ludbreg at the Lunjkovac locality, but have still not been researched enough to gain practical use.

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