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The "Miroslav Krleža" Lexicographic Institute is the central Croatian encyclopaedia-publishing institution. It was founded in 1950 as a scientific institution and a publishing house. The Institute's mission is to collect and process scientifically- and scholarly-based information and to carry out research in order to compile and publish encyclopaedias, lexicons and other reference works.

Building on five centuries of Croatian lexicographic tradition, the «Miroslav Krleža» Lexicographic Institute has – in less than half a century – created a lexicographic endeavour comparable with the greatest lexicographic achievements throughout the world, in spite of imperfections immanent to lexicographic work. It was Miroslav Krleža's effort and initiative that helped create this special institution in Zagreb in 1950, the only organization engaged in systematic lexicographic work for nearly half a century. Having assembled a number of highly skilled experts and with collaboration of top scientists from both home and abroad, Miroslav Krleža was the Institute's founder and the first executive manager, the person who conceptualized its encyclopedic editions. He held the position for thirty two years, working in close collaboration with Mate Ujević, an experienced Croatian encyclopaedist.

On February 13, 1991, the Croatian Government proclaimed the "Miroslav Krleža" Lexicographic Institute the institution of special status for the Republic of Croatia's science and culture.

"Miroslav Krleža" Lexicographic Institute