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Matica HrvatskaMatica hrvatska (at that time called “Matica ilirska”) was founded during the period of Croatian national revival when there was a need to set up a publishing house to enable publishing of books and publications needed for the promotion of new ideas and literary works intended for reading, reciting or singing at the meetings and gatherings...

Matica became the biggest publishing house in Croatia with the clear purpose of "promoting useful books, except those of scientific and popular origin". The aim is "to promote fine Croatian book". The Academy concentrated on publishing scientific books, while Croatian literary society "Sv. Jeronim" published popular books.

"Matica hrvatska" became the central cultural and publishing institute of the progressive Croatian population. The main literary editions in Croatia were regular editions published by "Matica hrvatska" and its magazine "Vijenac". Antun Barac wrote: "Matica published almost everything that was of value in Croatia or that is to say, the history of Matica is in some way history of Croatian culture".

Matica published books about Croatian and world-wide history...

Besides numerous books in Matica, the special attention is paid to the huge and unique publishing project "Stoljeća hrvatske književnosti". The editor-in-chief is Vlatko Pavletić, and acting editors are Dubravko Jelčić and Josip Vončina. In this project the Croatian written word is described from its beginning to present day, and its triliteracy and trilingualismis is presented through the critical and scientific analysis. Alfred Pal is responsible for a tremendous book design, which will serve as a witness of all the efforts of our time when in spite of the poverty as a result of the war, Croatian artists have contributed to better and happier future, and supported Croatia’s revival which could be achieved with the spirit of culture and life, with the clear understanding of solidarity and the unity of entire Croatian society.

"Matica hrvatska" underwent all the success and falls, hopes and doubts, all disappointments and satisfaction which Croatian people during the last 155 years. "Matica hrvatska" is therefore a part of the Croatian intellectual and moral history. It is the conscience of the Croatian people.

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