Science and Education

Among Croatian academic institutions, Universities took the most important place. These starting points for each young intelectual are located in four biggest Croatian cities: Osijek, Rijeka, Split and Zagreb.

The first university established on the soil of modern Croatia was University of Zadar (Universitas Studiorum Jadertina), established in 1396. and discontinued in 1807.

The oldest university with uninterrupted work in Croatia and one of the oldest universities in Croatia is University of Zagreb, the biggest Croatian university. It was founded in 1669.

Most of the smaller cities have either some of the faculty from the nearest University, or their own colleges, providing educated employees for local companies.

Republic of Croatia is a land rich with cultural heritage. Libraries in almost all cities of Croatia are an important to keep it for next generations. Central place, which collects all materials published in Croatia is National and University Library in Zagreb.