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Veterinary Station Đakovo

Veterinary Station Đakovo was founded in 1953 and is located in the city center at King Tomislav 33. It currently employs 33 workers, and within cells act and clinics in Strizivojna, Drenje, Gorjanima, Levanjska Varos, Kešinci and Stari Slatinik. All seven clinics provide treatment of domestic animals and veterinary inspections, while the clinic in Đakovo specializing in issues and specialist treatment of small animals - pets. The veterinary station Đakovo works veterinary pharmacy at the same address. We are authorized by the Ministry of Agriculture, for inspection and enforcement measures ordered against animals, raw materials and foodstuffs of animal origin, facilities, equipment and resources that may be carriers of infectious diseases of animals or otherwise jeopardize their health, as well as human health. Mission Mission Veterinary Station Đakovo is the preservation of human health through the protection of animal health and animal products, furthermore, ensure animal welfare and environmental protection. Vision Veterinary station Djakovo through quality policy which has improved business relationship and quality of care for its employees to achieve the set goals and fulfill the wishes of all parties, employees and wider social community. Goals The goal of the Veterinary Station Đakovo to improve veterinary activities continuous improvement and motivation of its employees. Customizing services at EU level, to raise veterinary activities to a higher level and provide constant communication and education with service users and thus become a leader in the county.

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