In the Croatian Constitution, Article 40. guarantees the freedom of conscience and religion and the free public manifestation of religion or belief. Likewise, Article 41. states that all religious communities are equal before the law and separated from the state and that religious communities are free to perform, in accordance with the law, public service of religious ceremonies, establish schools, institutions, other institutes, social and charitable institutions and manage them, and enjoy the protection and assistance of the state in their activities.

According to the 2011 census (which did not have a mandatory statement on religious affiliation), the Republic of Croatia has 4,284,889 inhabitants, of which 86.3% were declared to be Catholics, 4.4% were Orthodox and 1.5% Muslims. Number of members of other religious communities individually does not exceed 1%, while 3.8% declare that they do not belong to a religious community.

 Population per religion, 2011 census

 Total population
 4,4 %
1,5 %
 Agnostic/not stated
3 %
 Do not belong to religious community 3,8 %

State Burreau of Statistics