Every Croatian region has its own cheese

Indeed, Croatians, without false modesty, can boast of the highest quality of cheeses. Whatever part of the country you are visiting, you will be able to enjoy domestic cheese, whether of cow, sheep or goat's milk.

The most famous, or at least the most eminent Croatian cheese, is definitely PAG CHEESE. It is made from sheep's milk of indigenous island's sheep, which gives the cheese a special aroma. Young Pag cheese ripens for up to a year, while old ripens longer. In both versions, at the end it weighs about two kilograms.

As on Pag, so much on all Croatian islands, mostly sheep cheeses are produced. Somewhat north, in the mountain areas of Croatia, cow's milk products are preferred. Thus, ŠKRIPAVAC from Lika is one of the most popular Croatian cheeses. Sometimes it is made from sheep and even goat's milk, but the original cheese is made from cow's milk. It is eaten fresh, just a week after cheese curdling, and got the name from the texture that creaks under the teeth.

Another cheese from Lika is BASA, for which the local population says it was created “by choosing the easiest way”. This soft cheese is made by simply cooking milk, mostly cow, and cream. It is most often served with traditional, baked potato halves.

A little further northbound, in the vicinity of Karlovac, more precisely in Tounj a TOUNJ CHEESE is produced. This cow cheese, just like ŠKRIPAVAC, creaks under the teeth, but unlike the cheese coming from the Lika region, this one is a smoked version.

Slavonia and Zagorje are home to COTTAGE CHEESES, mostly made of cow milk and served with various meat delicacies. Also, they are the base of traditional desserts, from strudel and međimurska gibanica to domestic pies. One of the most famous is the cottage cheese of Zagreb with tradition longer than a century. 

When talking about Croatian cheeses, one must not miss the Bjelovar region. DIMSI and PODRAVEC are semi-hard cheeses formed in the 70s of the last century and have remained to this day as a trademark of this area.

Istrian cheeses have won numerous prizes over the years. The most famous of them is the ISTARIAN GOAT cheese, which together with olive oils and wines of this region creates a special gastronomic offer.