Ten traditional Croatian desserts

In the past, housewives, limited by scarce conditions, used to prepare these desserts only from a few ingredients. Nevertheless, their ideas have survived to this day in the form of the most popular Croatian sweets and the inevitable choice of tourists from all over the world.

FRITULE can hardly be missed by any visitor of Zagreb Advent, even though it is actually the dessert of Istria, Kvarner and Dalmatia. In the past fritule, or better known in these regions as frite, were prepared as a dough fried in hot oil, possibly with the addition of raisins. Today, many people prefer melted chocolate. Except at the time of the holidays, they are also served during the funeral.

KROŠTULE is an inevitable dessert during Christmas holidays. They are prepared quickly and from just a few ingredients, among which the lemon liqueur gives it a special note. Kroštule is the pride of the Dalmatian grandmothers’ cookbooks.

ROŽATA is a pride of the Dubrovnik area dating back to the Middle Ages when it was called "Friar's Pudding". The base of milk, sugar and eggs, complemented by lemon rind and caramel, provides irresistible summer refreshment.

OREHNJAČA or orahnjača is a real traditional recipe that you will never be bored with. Whenever something is celebrated, the grandmother would prepare the orehnjača and we would always eat it to the last piece. For those who do not know, it is a yeast dough walnut roll. Apart from walnuts, popular fillings are also ground poppy seeds, jam and carob.

HOMEMADE ŠTRUKLI are traditionally salted dish of Hrvatsko Zagorje which can be prepared in a sweet version. The base of the štrukli is a creamy cheese filling. Whether in a salty or sweet version, they are striking at the top of Zagreb's gastronomic offer.

PINCA is traditionally an Easter dish, which in Dalmatia is called simply "cake". It is extremely yellow because of the large number of eggs, which were in the past not eaten at the time of Lent and that was then compensated on the Easter table.

BAZLAMAČA, zlevanka or kuruznjača is, as already mentioned in different versions of the name, traditionally a dish of the Croatian north. It is made up of only a few basic ingredients and most often served with jam.

MEĐIMURSKA GIBANICA is a favourite Zagorje cake that brings together four seemingly incompatible foods - walnut, cheese, apple and poppy. Fillings are placed on thin strudel dough, and every housewife claims that her order of the fillings is an original recipe.

SALENJACI are the pride of Slavonia and they were prepared in the past only at the time of the pig slaughter. The lard is the basis of this homemade pastry. The shortcrust pastry is made by coating the lard and is then filled with jam.

According to the legend, RAPSKA TORTA was first served to Pope Alexander III when he visited the island of Rab in 1177. The recipe has been preserved by nuns, and today it is an unavoidable dessert in households, especially during the holidays. The base of Rapska torta is a kilogram of shelled almonds. It used to be prepared for three days. The dough stuffed with filling is baked in a shape of a spiral or as a bar.