Indigenous wine varieties in Croatia
Croatian soil has long been known as suitable for growing many grape varieties. Its diversity from Istrian terra rossa, Dalmatian karst to Slavonian chernozem influenced the fact that Croatia has about 130 indigenous grape varieties. In the following text, several of the most famous ones will be listed.

Plavac mali is certainly the most famous red wine variety in Croatia, if not the most famous of all domestic wines. It is an autochthonous variety of central and southern Dalmatia, and top Plavac wines come from Pelješac, the south side of Hvar and certain parts of the islands of Brač and Vis. It is interesting that this is a variety whose wine very rarely bears the name of the variety, but gets the name most often according to geographical location. Thus, it is sold as Dingač or Postup, which are parts of the Pelješac peninsula where the variety is grown. The wine itself is dark in colour, has a bitter taste and is easily recognizable by its aroma known for its musky notes. It is served chilled, with grilled seafood specialties and dark roasted meat and game.

This white wine is produced from the indigenous variety žlahtina bijela. Considering that the mentioned variety grows only in the fields of Vrbnik on the island of Krk, it is a synonym for žlahtina - Vrbnička žlahtina. It was named after the common Slavic adjective meaning “noble”. The wine itself is light yellow in colour and has a special freshness of taste that is considered to be a consequence of the somewhat colder climate of the North Adriatic. It is most often served with sheep cheese, fish dishes and white meat dishes.

Teran is an autochthonous Istrian variety of red wine that has been the main Istrian variety for many years. It grows very well on the red soil of Istria. It has a specific ruby-like red colour, the aroma is dominated by a note of raspberry, and due to the high content of acids, the taste is full and robust. For this reason, it is often served with meat dishes, especially game dishes.

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