AMP - Tomislav Uzelac

MP3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) is currently one of the most used audio formats. The advantage of this format is in the relatively small size of the sound file, which is achieved by coding with losses. Specifically, this is done by removing sound frequencies that the humans can not hear, thus significantly decreasing the resulting file size after coding. File size has become more and more important on the Internet, since small sized files are easier to share and transfer. This is the reason why MP3 became the standard for exchange of audio files on the Internet.

A widespread use of the format required a software to play music encoded in MP3. The first successful MP3 player was called the AMP (Audio Mpeg Player), made by a student at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb - Tomislav Uzelac. Uzelac started working at the AMP at FER and finished it for his graduate thesis.

The AMP program was free for noncommercial use and intended for the Linux operating system. Soon it was adapted to the Windows operating system and called winAMP, gaining great popularity all over the world. Along with Uzelac, Dmitry Boldyerv and Justin Frankel also participated in the development of winAMP.

The main features of winAMP were easy creation of playlists, drag and drop feature and high adaptability to visualization and additional features. WinAMP gained over 90 million users. Although it has lost its popularity throughout the years, there are several versions of winAMP available on various platforms such as Android and iOS.