Concept_One and Concept_S

Although it could be assumed that behind the current fastest electric car in the world stands a big auto company, the electric cars Concept_One and Concept_S are an invention of a small Croatian company under the leadership of a young Croatian entrepreneur Mate Rimac. Rimac already had high school awards in the field of electrical engineering and cars were his passion. He assembled his first electric car in his garage and competed in street races with it.

The company for the production of premium electric vehicles Rimac Automobili was founded in 2009. The electric super car Concept_One 2011 was presented at the biggest car show of that year - the IAA in Frankfurt. At the beginning of 2013, the first copy of the car was delivered to the customer, making it the first car produced and exported by Croatia as a state. A total of eight copies of the Concept_One super car were produced, of which, as it is known, six were sold. The company states that their main objective is to develop individual components of an electric car, primarily battery and drive system. In February 2017, the luxury car maker Aston Martin announced that Rimac Automobili will be working a hybrid battery pack for their new model. This was the occasion to announce the company's launch as the renowned company whose battery technology is the world's premier. 

The electric car Concept_S is an improved version of the Concept_One model and has almost 300 horsepower more. There are four electric motors on each wheel and its nickname is Evil Twin. Rimac sold eight specimens of Concept One and two versions for performance tracks, but he has much higher expectations for his successor and plans the production of 100 copies.