Read faster, with fewer errors and mental effort using OmoType font

Following all relevant scientific research on font readability and dyslexia, and conducting our own tests and trials, OmoLab has developed the OmoType font system - the most readable script that can be adapted to the unique user needs. The multidisciplinary approach has resulted in a visually pleasing font that differs as little as possible from fonts in everyday use, making reading with OmoType more comfortable even for those who have no difficulty.

The OmoType font system consists of 240 different styles . Styles are offered in different thicknesses, spaces between letters and heights of upper and lower extensions of lowercase letters. Namely, dyslexia as well as other reading difficulties are extremely individual with a wide range of manifestations, so the font is modular, adaptable to the individual user.

In the OmoType font system, similar font shapes have recognizable elements, making them easier to distinguish. Also, circular letter shapes are designed in a way that avoids symmetry, and their ends are accentuated and lengthened. The elongated “necks” and “tails” of the letters (ascending and descending lines) reduce oscillations during reading. Capital letters are highlighted to make them easier to distinguish from other letters.

Tests have shown that children with reading difficulties read faster using OmoType , with fewer errors and less mental effort .

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