Hiking in Croatia

Croatia is a country rich in beautiful nature where people like to spend their free time. Our mountains are part of these natural beauties and a gathering place for many citizens, especially on weekends. The inhabitants of Zagreb, Rijeka and Split often visit their mountainous hinterland in large numbers. Medvednica, Platak, Učka and Mosor are the most visited mountains in Croatia where citizens go in search of fresh air, recreation and socializing. These are the places where it is best to begin the first hiking steps and get acquainted with the challenges that mountain climbing brings. The hiking trails are mostly marked with white-red markings. Mountaineering equipment is becoming more and more complex with more difficult trails and longer stays on the mountains, but for beginners and recreationalists it is not difficult or complicated. Quality footwear (hiking boots) is definitely its most important part. It is important that the shoes are sturdy, made of as few pieces as possible so that they do not peel off and that they cover the ankle. There are many mountains worth visiting in Croatia, and some of them are said to be visited at least once in their lifetime. The Samobor highlands near Zagreb fall into this category, with Kalnik in the north of Croatia, Papuk, Psunj and Požeška gora in Slavonia, the already mentioned Učka, Risnjak in Gorski kotar, Bijele and Samarske Stijene of Velika Kapela, numerous Velebit trails, Mosor and Biokovo in Dalmatia, and the mountains of the Croatian islands - especially Vidova Gora on the island of Brač, which offers one of the most beautiful views of our coast. Hikers have a number of mountain lodges and mountain homes available. Their supply, as well as whether and when they are open, should be informed on time and in the right place, and their arrival announced. Mountaineers should inquire about their supplies, working hours and the need to announce their arrival on time and in the right place.