Cyclotourism, or in other words tourism for cyclists, has been gaining more and more popularity in the last few years, both in the rest of Europe and in Croatia. The promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle has a positive effect on the increasing use of bicycles in everyday situations, but also in leisure time. Hence the need for cycling as a new and popular tourism industry.

Even though our cycling tourism lags behind that of some other European countries, in the last few years many bike trails have been designed and built across the country. This allows cyclists to explore Croatia in a slightly different way from the conventional tourism we are used to. Also, various accommodation facilities have adapted the offer to cyclists, primarily offering protection from bad weather conditions. Given the climatic conditions and geographical location, Croatia has a lot of potential to develop cycling tourism throughout the year. Today, there are 10 bicycle routes in Croatia, and in addition to our routes, four large European bicycle routes pass through the country. These are the following trails: Drava cycling route, Sava cycling route, Dinaric cycling route, Adriatic cycling route, Moslavina and Northern Slavonia route, Zagorje Carolina route, Adriatic, Plitvice, Lonjsko polje, Balaton route, Adriatic - Drava cycling route, Neretva - Slavonia bike route and Adriatic islands route. And the category of four EuroVelo routes includes parts: Mediterranean cycling routes (Adriatic route), Atlantic - Black Sea routes (Danube route), Baltic - Adriatic sea routes and Iron Curtain routes (Drava route).

In order to continue this favourable development of cycling tourism, detailed marked and declared bicycle paths and routes are needed, as well as the effort and support of the state, which is not lacking in Croatia.

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