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State of Alarcon

State of Alarcon is a web platform that was created as an internet state, this web platform offers you to register as a citizen of the "State of Alarcon" and choose one of the two user or citizen registration options. 1. Registration of citizens (Registration is a free citizen who can move around this platform and get a job within it.) Free citizens pay €50.00 per month in order to be a citizen and to earn in the jobs offered in this web platform, or to the state. 2. Registration of business citizens (By registering as a business citizen, you are able to start a business within this web platform and offer a job to a citizen of this Internet country State of Alarcon) As a business citizen, you get the opportunity to open a business in this state and offer others to work for you as freelancers you pay the weekly wages they earn! The State of Alarcon is the first Internet network state with a President, Ministers, and Secret Services that take care of the security of this web platform and the security of the state! Citizen population currently: 600 citizens Security of citizens and the state 100% The state also has its own stock exchange with which all citizens can earn, by buying a share unit at the current price of €7, while the selling price varies as citizens enter and leave the state! (It refers to citizens who register or leave the country, close their accounts!! ) Citizens do not pay any tax, while Business Citizens give 10% of the income they earn! Interest does not exist in this country for anyone!