Legend of Medvedgrad - Black Queen

Medvednica hides many secrets of its long and rich past, and one of the most famous legends is certainly that of fort of Medvedgrad and the Black Queen.

Medvednica is a mountain north of Zagreb. It is known for its beautiful nature, long and varied hiking trails, Medvedgrad, the Veternica cave, and the summit of Sljeme and mountain huts. Medvednica provides the perfect escape from the capital into a peaceful and relaxing environment. It is a favorite vacation spot for many residents of Zagreb and its surroundings. Barbara Celjska, better known as the Black Queen, was one of the most famous residents of the famous Medvedgrad. As a child, at the age of 13, she married Sigmund of Luxembourg. All her life she wore long black hair and black clothes. She was also known for the black gloves she allegedly wore to keep her beloved pet raven on hand. He was actually her true love, but by curse he became a raven. The raven was very faithful to her, digging the eyes to the people she had disagreements with and hurting them with its claws. She led a very tumultuous and wild life. Her husband was rarely seen by his wife because he was intensely engaged in politics and the expansion of the kingdom. She was his support in political life, but they were not very faithful in love. Numerous lovers were part of her life, and when one of them became boring to her, he would be thrown from the highest tower. There are also stories of her being a witch, dealing with alchemy and black magic. She allegedly sold herself and Medvedgrad to the devil to save her from the Turks and their conquests. After the Turks withdrew and Medvedgrad was safe again, she paid the villagers to save her from a deal with the devil. Someone had to make three circles around Medvedgrad, carrying her on their hands. This was impossible given all the obstacles the devil posed, and numerous villagers lost their lives trying.

There are stories circulating that her treasure still exists today buried in underground tunnels leading from Gradec and Kaptol to Medvedgrad. The Black Queen in the body of the serpent faithfully keeps her wealth. There is only one question - who is brave enough to face the powerful ruler and search for her treasure?