Excursions near Zagreb

Although the capital is richer in events each year, there are numerous picnic areas only a thirty minute drive from Zagreb, which are the main weekend destinations for Zagreb families. Each offers its own specialty, from local gastronomic offerings, wine routes and domestic animals that always attract the youngest.

ČINOVNIČKA LIVADA is a meadow located at the main crossroads of Medvednica hiking trails. It is very spacious and ideal for badminton, volleyball and other light sports activities. In winter, sledding lovers visit it because the meadow itself is part of the White Downhill ski slope.

THE OLD TOWN OF SAMOBOR is a dilapidated fort on Tepec hill in Samobor. The core of the fort dates from the 13th century. The fortress itself is reached by paths through the forest, and at the top there is a beautiful view of the old part of Samobor.

ETNO PARK ZAGREB is located only thirteen kilometres from the city centre. There you can see the Turopolje Chardak furnished with antiquities from past centuries. You can also see the mansion, which is being converted into a winter garden during the colder months. There you can warm up with a cup of mulled wine. And of course, we must not forget the big playground for the youngest.

BIO PARK DIVLJE VODE is located within the Žumberak - Samobor Highlands Nature Park, in the valley of the Bregana stream. It is an ideal place for a family vacation because in addition to the local gastronomic offer, the park also has a zoo, a large playground, a lake and a pond.

GRAD MLADIH is located in the eastern part of the city, on slopes of Medvednica. The large open space is enriched with promenades, open pavilions, a sculpture park, a forest stage and sports grounds ideal for recreation.

EKOPARK KRAŠOGRAD is only 25 km away from Zagreb and is an excellent holiday destination for all types. For visitors looking for recreation, there is a tennis court, a bowling alley, a football field and an outdoor pool. There is also a farm and a small zoo for children. Restaurant "Domaćica" prepares dishes from their own organic farm products.

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