With a third child, a mother can be three years long on maternity leave

In the last ten years Croatia, like most European countries, has suffered an economic crisis, and migration has recently emerged. Yet, at one and the other times, the state provides a great deal of social protection to citizens. This, first of all, implies health care.

There is compulsory health insurance in Croatia, covering the entire population, including foreigners living in Croatia. In addition to health care, this insurance also includes cash benefits in certain cases of inability to work. Everything that is not covered by compulsory health insurance can be secured by paying voluntary supplementary health insurance, which, depending on the insurance company, costs a few tens of Croatian Kunas per month.

The state shows social sensitivity when it comes to sickness. During a temporary incapacity to work a worker in Croatia can in certain cases also receive one hundred percent of salary compensation. Yet more often this compensation amounts 70 percent of the salary. One of the cases when the fee amounts one hundred percent is during the care for a sick child under the age of three. This is just one of the measures the state is trying to protect the demographics.

Thus, mothers in Croatia are entitled to six months of maternity leave, whereby they receive by the state a monthly fee in the amount of their wages. After that, a mother and father can stay with a child to four months of parental leave each or six months for only one parent, with a fee of up to HRK 3,991.20 per month. It should be emphasized that the rights grow with the third and every subsequent child, so that three years of maternity and parental leave are possible.

It should be further emphasized that parents, in the case of lower incomes, also have the right to a child allowance. The amount of allowance depends on the total income per household member.