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NOTBAU works with CEOs or Business Owners assisting them to break into new markets whilst ensuring appropriate compliance and a positive image from a Governance perspective. We have often represented businesses in the UK and overseas as part of their international operations and help them put together proposals and sales presentations as well as attending sales meetings with them. We become a part of their team adding credibility and assurance. It is important to state that we are not a consultancy looking for extensive revenue and opportunity to exploit knowledge gained from our partners, our approach is to allocate a day a month to work collaboratively with CEOs/Business Owners to define a strategy and then work together to achieve it. We are on email and phone for emergencies for any issues or questions that may arise and whilst we will respond within 24 hours we endeavour to get back same day to these without additional fees. We have an extensive database of processes and presentations that we make available to our clients so there is no need to reinvent the wheel or start from scratch in most instances. Having previously worked with Companies in Slovenia, The UAE, USA, South Africa and Germany we understand the different cultures and approaches that are required to be successful in doing business. We are particularly keen to work with Croatian Firms to maximise the new opportunities available following the recent adoption into the EU and would like to gain sufficient interest to block weeks out to come over and work with them. We have chosen Croatia as our first attempt to build an overseas presence as we believe that it will be a key player in the EU moving forward.